Learn How SEO Works from the SEO Experts Brooklyn

Being clueless about Search Engine Optimization is not an excuse for you to totally scrap the idea of employing it for your website because you can always turn to SEO Experts Brooklyn just like PageOneDominators.com.

SEO is the single most affordable way to make your business a known entity in the World Wide Web. It can bring a 360 degrees turn to how your business is performing online by putting you on the first page of search results obtained from giant search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO helps you in making your website’s content search engine friendly so that you are viewed as valuable and helpful to people searching online using the keywords that you have chosen to rank.

Now, if all these still sound unclear to you, perhaps it would help to discuss how SEO works briefly.

What Are The Key Functions of SEO?

SEO has 2 main functions namely (1) crawling, and (2) indexing.

To understand these two terms further, let’s compare the Internet to a city with subway transportation. Search engines will “crawl” the entire city through the subway and pause at each “stop” which can be a document, a video, an image, a text, or any other content of your website. These “stops” drive the search engines to notice other “paths”, which are the links you include on your website.

The crawlers, robots, or spiders of the search engines will interlink your content with related content all over the web, making it readily available to searchers using your keywords even in a matter of seconds. Indexing therefore takes place when the search engines are able to compile all the information from your website and interconnect it with other related content available on the Internet. Searchers will use specific keywords and search engines will return results depending on a website’s relevance to those search terms. This is the reason why, it is highly encouraged that your website is properly-optimized.

How do search engines calculate a websites popularity and relevance?

Relevance means that your website contains the right words used by those who are searching online. Back then, search engines worked pretty simple, returning quite limited results. Over the years though, network engineers were able to come up with more complicated algorithms that are much stricter yet can provide countless search results.

Popularity on the other hand is not easily achieved especially if we’re going to based it on how SEO-friendly a site is. For a website to gain popularity, its content must be of top-quality and must be very useful. Gone are the days when search engines view keyword-stuffed sites as the most helpful and informational ones.

Now, there is no way that search engines manually rank the popularity and relevance of websites. They use certain algorithms which determine the relevance of the content before ranking them according to the quality that they display. Indeed, there are so many ranking factors affecting your placement on search engine results pages. Only affordable Brooklyn SEO Experts like PageOneDominators are able to comprehend the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

How Then Can My Business Succeed If I Can’t Do SEO Myself?

Although simple as it may seem, SEO can be a very complex process especially if you don’t have firsthand knowledge and training in it. This is the reason why many business owners who like to remain focused on other aspects of their businesses resort to hiring the services of SEO Experts Brooklyn. They understand how much time, energy, and even monetary investment are required to fully discover the wonders of SEO and be able to apply it to their businesses.

With these said, it is encourage that you also leave it to the hands of the experts with proven track record in helping their clients dominate the first page of search engine results, which in turn will yield them website traffic and higher and sustained conversions.

Whether you have pre-set SEO goals or you don’t know where to start, there is a team of people who you can trust when it comes to your business’ distinct SEO needs.

Call Page One Dominators today to have your website audited and to receive SEO diagnosis within 48 business hours. Claim your spot on Google’s first page now with the help of PageOneDominators.com – the only SEO Experts Brooklyn that you can rely on!

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